Saturday, February 16, 2013

Realms and Roads

Things to do in Detroit, Michigan:

-Paint polka dots
-Climb rooftops
My brother Keith explores Detroit
-Plant kale
-Serve soup
-Tear down houses
-Scrape paint
-Photograph graffiti
-Fist bump statues
-Sing carols
-Bless boats
-Shop Eastern Market
-Wander alleys
-Eat crepes
-Jazz at Baker's
-Books at King's
-Dance with strangers
-Fall in love with buildings
-Flirt with activists
-Mourn the past
-Plan the future
-Sit in silence
-Rise from the ashes

Things to do in central Iowa:

-Burn prairie
-Eat pancakes
-Climb the fire escape
-Walk railroad tracks
-Plant daffodils
-Play board games
-Can pumpkin
-Have brunch
-Foster doubt
-Learn to drink
-Write a book
-Walk the butterfly garden
-Eat buttery popcorn
-Play euchre
-Hunt for morels
-Cook carrot soup
-Run a marathon
-Plan classes
-Grade papers
-Harvest chard
-Unearth onions
-Potluck in the grass
-Try to settle
-Learn to pack

Things to do on the Olympic Peninsula:

-Feed slugs to chickens
-Pick nettles for pesto
-Walk tide-pools
-Build shelters from driftwood
-Camp on the coast
-Vision quest
-Ponder brackish water
-Walk the spit
-Hide in a cedar tree
-Scramble sea stacks
-Scrape skin on barnacles
-Eat lavender chocolate caramels
-Toss stones
-Touch anemones
-Slide snow-slopes
-Make-out on a mountain
-Lapse judgement
-Watch meteors
-Photograph lichen
-Build trails
-Dig ditches
-Drink whiskey 

Things to do at Holden Village:

-Make toast
-Sing hymns
-Stomp the labyrinth
-Dress up
-Fall down
-Brew beer
-Wash dishes
-Sing dog songs
-Make tie-dye
-Wear tie-dye
-Slip on snow
-Smell dirt
-Stoke fires
-Dog-ear books
-Break for coffee
-Sleep outside
-Sort garbage
-Sift compost
-Pee in the snow
-Sleep in an igloo
-Fall in love
-Talk yourself out of it
-Knit hats
-Light candles
-Hold hands
-Identify trees
-Gain courage


  1. I like the way these lists create snapshots into phases/places of your life.

  2. Thanks Erica! It was a fun form to play with. :)

  3. Relaxing read, which seems odd. Perhaps as much mind strain for thinking as I care to expend as I peruse? (did I spell that right?)

  4. Thanks friends. Ha. John O.--I wrote most of these as things you could theoretically do in these places or things I've watched other people do (although many of them are things I've done.) That being said, I am dating someone right now who I like quite a bit--but it's a still new(ish) relationship.

  5. Goodish... be happy.... you are welcome to visit ( both if you like) any time at all... best and love j